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Catadon is another main city on Hilo's planet, Jannus. It is most likely the capital after Faralon was destroyed.


Catadon first made its debut in Book 5, Then Everything Went Wrong. Hilo and D.J entered a portal to Jannus, falling into the ocean after traversing the Void. When they swam up onto the coast, they were met with the ruins of Faralon, Hilo's home. Hilo then flew himself and D.J. to Catadon. Hilo immediately remarked that all the technology had disappeared. Hilo then remembered of Dr. Horizon's secret laboratory, spread out over each city, built under an abandoned cookie factory. Hilo used his power to find the latest and last news broadcast stating that all power had been shut off. He tried to dig deeper to find more information, perhaps of Dr. Horizon's true identity, before DJ prevented him and Hilo ran out of power, falling asleep.

Hilo woke up and accidentally self-destructed Dr. Horizon's laboratory, perhaps set up by Razorwark. They were blasted out near all the townsfolk, who recognized Hilo and complained to him of the power outage. D.J foresaw danger, threw Hilo aside, was picked up by a giant bird, he flew out of Catadon, Hilo in close pursuit.