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D.J laughing.

Daniel Jackson "D.J." Lim is a main character in the Hilo series. He lives on Earth. The book series is from D.Js perspective. His real name is Daniel Jackson Lim, but as he says, he likes to be called D.J.


D.J. is very protective of his friends, often to a point where he puts himself in great danger. He is very kind, taking care of Hilo when he crashed to Earth. He is somewhat quiet, though that might just be in comparison to Hilo. An important note is when he was little before Gina moved away he was more energetic, which may mean that Gina's moving away drove him into depression. In the beginning of the series he had very low self-esteem, thinking he was only good at being friends with Gina, but by the end of All The Pieces Fit he realizes that he is good at more than one thing.


Hilo: Hilo is one of D.Js best friends. They met when D.J. watched Hilo crash to Earth and took care of him. Although D.J. was at first weirded out by Hilo, he originally became used to him, to the point where when Hilo left for a day D.J. was greatly saddened. D.J. always protects Hilo, and vice versa. They have clashed once (where D.J. yelled at Hilo in The Great Big Boom for spacing out during battles) but they are still the best of friends.They become brothers in the aftermath of the final battle.

Gina: Gina and D.J. were best friends since they were little. D.J. thought that the only thing he was good at was being friends with Gina. Like Hilo, D.J. deeply cares about Gina, going on a mission to rescue her in The Great Big Boom. Their friendship is so great that Gina's moving away might have drove D.J. into depression (given the fact that D.J. was more energetic before Gina moved away.)

Lisa: Lisa is DJ’s younger(and smarter) sister


D.J. has dark peach skin. He has black hair drawn up on his head, and wears a green hoodie with a robot on it. His ethnicity is Asian.


Reflexes: D.J has quick battle reflexes.