Dr. Bloodmoon

Dr. Bloodmoon is a minor character in the Hilo series. She made Razorwark.


She first appeared in a memory of Hilo in Book 4, Waking the Monsters, when she appeared to argue with Dr. Horizon about the decision to send Razorwark to battle, which she seemed to support. She showed up again in Book Five when the giant bird took D.J, and it ended up being her robot. She told Hilo that she shut off the power and that Izzy left us and went back to Razorwark. She also told Hilo that He ran away to live with Her and not Dr. Horizon. She told him that Razorwark's name is Horizon.

In Book 6, All The Pieces Fit, she used batteries to make a portal for them to go back to earth. She also told Hilo that for heroes to do the right thing, they may lose everything.

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