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Gina using magic after coming back from Oshun.

Regina Lee Cooper, or Gina for short, is a main character in The Hilo series and D.J's best friend. Since book three, she has been able to do magic from Oshun.


Gina has dark skin and has cordlike blackish-brownish hair. She wears ball shaped earrings and necklace over a pink top with a star on it.

Oshun outfit: Polly gave her this outfit after her regular clothes were ruined.It is identical to her usual outfit but more bracelets. It also has a belt and a necklace with a circle hanging on it complete with a blue cape.

“Superhero” armor: Her suit was created by Izzy and looks a lot like her regular outfit and Hilo’s Armor.


Like D.J and Hilo, Gina is very protective of her friends. She is the brains of the group, thinking before acting.


  • Magic: Gina can do magic, such as the spells below.
  1. Wand summoning spell
  2. Normal blast
  3. Vine spell
  4. Magic wand tree making
  5. Hat full of avocado conjuring
  • Reflexes: Gina has quick battle reflexes.
  • Intelligence: Gina is very smart, and is the brains of the group.


  • Her nickname in book 4 was Star Blast.
  • She is the main character of the book Gina-The Girl Who Broke the World