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Hilo Lim is the main character of the Hilo series. He used to be a robot powered by Empatis, but in All the Pieces fit he got turned into a human and got adopted by the Lim family.



Hilo writing his name on his shirt in Book one.

Creation and Training by Razorwark

Hilo was created by Razorwark the main antagonist of the series. A bit of Empatis was put inside him by Razorwark. He came out of his incubation chamber and learned who he was, then he destroyed cities at Razorwark's command.


Then Izzy was ready for activation and came out of her incubation chamber. She made robots that Razorwark did not like. Razorwark said she would be deactivated like the robots before him. Hilo saved Izzy and went to live with Dr. Bloodmoon.

Izzy's Betrayal

Izzy then betrayed him and helped Razorwark. Hilo fought Razorwark and Izzy in the Void and then escaped out of fear, but Izzy erased his memories while he did that.

First Book

He crashed on earth and lost his memory, shortly after he befriends D.J and Gina. He enrolls in DJ’s school and stops an Obliteration that tried to take him back to Jannus. (unfinished) several weeks later, saves Izzy from a dinosaur like species. During the final fight, Hilo fights Razorwark and regains his memories, he finds out that Izzy betrayed him so that in the future both Hilo and Razorwark would be happy after Izzy sacrifices herself and gives him her Empatis. Razorwark sacrifices himself so that the robots could “feel” and Hilo could be human. Hilo is then adopted by the Lim family and loses his powers.


Hilo is a very silly character. He loves cracking jokes such as the Interrupting Cow Joke and he laughs so hard Izzy calls it "The great big boom." Despite this, Hilo has a serious side. He is very protective of his friends, repeatingly trying to prevent them from going on a quest with him in fear of their saftey. Hilo can get very philosphocial at certain times, wondering what it means to be a robot.

Apperance and Outfit

Despite being a robot, Hilo looked a lot like a human. In fact, he resembled a human so closely that D.J and Gina didn't even know he was a robot until he got ripped apart, exposing his wires. Hilo has fair skin and a wide head that is covered in long, shaggy blond 'hair.' He has worn four different outfits during the series:

White Jumpsuit: Hilo wore a white jumpsuit when he was on Jannus. It resembles Izzy's.

Silver Underpants: When Hilo fell from the portal in The Boy who Crashed to Earth, he was only wearing silver tighty-whities. It is unknown how he ended up in these, because in a flashback sequence in All The Pieces Fit, while in The Void he was wearing his white jumpsuit.

DJ's Clothes: When Hilo crashed to Earth, D.J gave him some of his clothes (which used to belong to Dexter.) D.J gave him a plain red T-shirt, some blue jeans, and some shoes. Hilo customized the shirt by drawing an H-symbol with yellow marker on it.
ARMOR: Hilo was given a “superhero” armor to protect his identity while fighting robots in Waking The Monsters. It is nearly invincible, fireproof, and portable.

Tights: In Gina: The Girl who Broke the World


Laserkenesis: (formerly) Hilo can make and shoot lasers in battle.

  • Laser Beams: Hilo can shoot laser beams to disable enemies. They are yellow in color.
  • Laser Absorbation: When Hilo was fighting Eggman, he absorbed Eggman's lasers.
  • Laser Supernova: When Hilo summons his full powers, he can create a supernova-like laser explosion, as seen in the first book while fighting the Obliteratron. Strangely, he did not use it during All the Pieces fit while fighting Razorwark, possible because he didn't want to damage his surronding friends.

Cyrokenesis: (formerly)

  • Ice Breath: Hilo can exhale freezing air.
  • Freeze Beams: If Hilo exhales his ice breath onto his laser beams, they turn into freezing laser beams that can encase stuff in thick coats of ice.

Flight: (formerly) Hilo can fly very high and fast.

Electromagnetic pulse emmition: (formerly) Hilo can emit EMPs to shut down robots. However, this exerts a lot of his energy and can knock him out.

Bubble making: (formerly) Hilo can make mysterious glowing bubbles. He can use them to encapsle and move objects, as a sheild, or as a projecticle weapon.


Glass handcuffs: (formerly)Hilo can make handcuffs that look like panes of glass. He has only done this once with Razorwark in All the Pieces fit.

Robot Physicology: (formerly) Being a robot, hilo is very durable, able to withstand giant lasers and being thrown to the ground.

  • Rebuilding: Hilo can heal minor damages to his body.

Reflexes: Hilo has very good reflexes for dodging enemies.

Machine know-how: Since Hilo was a robot, he knows lots about machines and can build them well, like when he constructed Gina's telescope set in only a couple of minutes, and when he built the basement of his mansion. His building abilities are still way behind his sister Izzy, though.




"Hazzah!"“All the pieces fit.”

”Holy Mackeral!”