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Hilo's Mansion is the house that Hilo, Uncle Trout, and Izzy lived in when they were on Earth. It was destroyed in All the pieces fit by the giant robot monsters.


Hilo bought the house on the Internet by selling the gold parts from the broken rant robots. He constructed a basement/labratory by cobbling the chunks of the obliteratron and the rants.


Outdoor apperance

Hilo's Mansion is made of bricks from the outside. It is colored tan, pink, and brown, and has two aboveground floors.

Above ground floors

We've only seen the first floor of the aboveground floors. It has lots of books, a couch, and lots of mangos.


Hilo calls the basement/laboratory "downstairs." It has gray walls and floor, and many high-tech machines.


Hilo (formerly)

Izzy (formerly, deceased)

Uncle Trout (formerly)