Interrupting Cow Joke

The Interrupting Cow Joke is a knock-knock joke that Hilo really likes, and loves telling his friends--over and over again. It appeared in Saving the Whole Wide World.

How it goes

"Knock knock!"

"Who's there?"

"Interrupting Cow."

"Interrupting Cow Wh--"


Character's reactions

Hilo: Hilo really likes the joke. He loves telling it to his friends.

D.J: D.J is probably nuetral on the joke; just a bit annoyed he keeps saying it over and over again. When Hilo told it to Gina, he mostly didn't react. He has heard it from Hilo.

Gina: Gina thinks the joke is funny. However, the second time Hilo says it, Gina winces a bit; annoyed that he keeps saying it.

Connie and Bonnie: Connie and Bonnie hate the joke. When Hilo says "Do you want to hear something funny?" Connie (or Bonnie) responds with "Tell that joke again and I will beat you!"

Polly: Polly loves the joke and thinks it's hilaurous.

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