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Izzy saying her 2nd favorite catchphrase.

Izzy is Hilo's biological sister, also made by Razorwark with Empatis. Her home planet is Jannus. Her full name is Isabella but she

likes be called Izzy. She died in Book 6 while giving Hilo her Empatis.



Appearance and Outfits

Izzy doesn't look that much like her brother. She has Di Sierra skin , and has long, cord like purple "hair." She has worn two outfits:

White Jumpsuit: Izzy wore a white jumpsuit like her brother when she lived on Jannus and when she was on Oshun.

New clothes: Since she came to Earth, Izzy has worn different clothes. She now wears a hoodie and a skirt.


Izzy is silly like her brother, often making silly inventions to make Hilo laugh. She is mostly pretty quiet, though. She's very selfless, sacrificing herself so her plan will work in All the Pieces Fit.


Making stuff: Izzy is incredibly skilled in making stuff. Creating robots is her favorite hobby, and she can make one in just a few seconds.

Sense of humor: Izzy has a good sense of humor, never failing to make Hilo laugh.


"All The Pieces Fit" "Neat"