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"You calling me stupid?" -Jason

"No. Stupid is a cruel way to describe someone who's unintelligent. But it's usage is applicable. You understand that applicable means right?" -Hilo

Jason is a minor one-time character in Saving the Whole Wide World. He is a mean physical and verbal bully.


In Saving the Whole Wide World, D.J. mentions that with Hilo back, many things are fun, except school. Then it shows Jason and his friends bullying D.J. and laughing. When Hilo comes in to chat with the bullies, he offends Jason and gets hit. D.J. then hits Jason in revenge for Hilo, getting him and Hilo sent to the principal's office.


He is 11 years old, but looks like he is 13. He's of obese weight, with spiky dark brown hair, stubble, and pimples.


Jason is very mean, tormenting D.J. with his friends. According to Hilo, he isn't that smart.