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D.J, Lisa's older brother.

Lisa Lim is D.J's youngest sibling (she's 7 years old) and a member of the Hilo Band.


Lisa is very smart. In the first book, it is said that she is in third grade even though she is seven. She was naturally supsicious of Hilo from the beggining, not being surprised when D.J said the truth about Hilo in Book 2. She also deducted that Hilo was being replaced with a Fake Hilo in Then Everything Went Wrong. In that book, Polly says she is very spunky.


Lisa has dark peach skin and long dark hair that she usually wears down. She has a purple headband on her head.


  • Intelligence: Lisa is very smart.
    • Deductive Skills: She is good at identifying secrets.
  • Reflexes: Lisa has good battle reflexes.


  • In Saving The Whole Wide World, it is revealed that Lisa has a crush on Hilo. Wherever this still stands as of All The Pieces Fit is unknown.