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Oshun Is Polly's home planet. It is linked in fate with Jannus and Earth. Most of book three took place in Oshun. It is one of the last magical planets.


Desert of the Folded Eel

The desert of the folded eel is a desert on Oshun. It is very rocky, and has tan rocks and a purple sky.

Village of the Scale Tail Clan

The village of the scale tail clan is the home of the Scale Tail Clan. It's very rocky with no plants, and has lots of buildings and a smoky sky.

Village of the Furback Clan

The village of the Furback Clan is the home of the Furback Clan. It is in the blue sky, with buildings on top of floating focks connected by bridges. It is rocky and has some trees, and it is accesible through a special rock in the Desert of the Folded Eel.

Kliban river

The Kliban River is a river on Oshun. It is surronded by rocks and cliffs, and elephant squids live there.

Uncanny Valley

The uncanny valley is a large field of pineapple-flavored grass. A giant flying fish roams here that swallows up people and deposits them at Lady Skylark's House.