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Pollandra Pack Wallace Brimdale Korimako, or Polly for short, is a main character in The hilo series. She is a talking cat and was born and raised on Oshun.


She first made her debut in book 2 of hilo when all the portals were opening. She came out and Hilo saved her, making her join the "band". In book 3, she accompied them on an adventure to find a portal. In book 5, she helped Gina wrangle Fake DJ and Fake Hilo, and in Book 6 she helped battle Razorwarks' Robot Army.


Polly is a very spunky character. She speaks in a rowdy Scottish accent and is a fierce warrior.


Polly has light blond fur and wears a rose cloth wrap. When she masked herself as a human, she had red cordlke hair and freckles.


Magic: Polly can do Magic, and she is at the rank of Apprentice Sorceress Third Class in this.

Insults: Polly is very skilled in insulting people, calling them stuff like "bloated zit caked boils from a troll's butt."

Reflexes: Polly has very good battle reflexes.