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Rapscallions are vegetable monsters. They are the main villains in Saving The Whole Wide World. They are very aggressive.


Rapscallions used to inhabit Oshun until they got banished to The Void 1,000 years ago.

When Razorwark was trapped in The Void, he opened a portal to Earth for them to attack. They landed individually and grew until they were strong enough. Then they attacked, blanketing a city.

When the Hilo Band encountered them, they tried to attack them with lasers, magic, and melee weapons, but it did very little damage. Then Hilo blasted them with ice and defeated them.

A little bit after, Beamer possessed by Razorwark freed them from their ice casing with lasers. By then, the porters had locked on the portal, and the rapscallions were portaled away to the Void once again.


Rapscallions are square shaped and green. They have eyes and mouths, which is unusual for plants.


  • Speedy Growth: Rapscallions grow very fast.
  • Fire resistance: Rapscallions are immune to fire.
  • Inedibility: You can't eat rapscallions--They're pure poison.


Rapscallions have one weakness: getting frozen. This is how they were defeated by Hilo.