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Razorwark (Horizon), or simply Razorwark, is the main antagonist of the Hilo series. He is the alter ego of Dr. Horizon. He is the creator of Hilo and Izzy. He died sacrificing himself in All the Pieces Fit.


Razorwark was created by Dr. Bloodmoon to save people on Jannus. He was created using Empatis. He was happy to help people all over Jannus, and it filled him with pride. During this time, he asked Dr. Bloodmoon for a human body, which he named Dr. Horizon.

But then, the leaders of Jannus made him fight in wars. He did not like killing other robots, and started a peaceful revolution. Robots joined him in the desert and built houses together. Even though the robots were not doing anything wrong, the leaders of Jannus were worried that they might turn against them, and so they turned them all off using the Master Switch, against Dr. Bloodmoon's wishes. Razorwark was not affected by it because he was broken, however. He became angry and went to war with the people of Jannus.

He tried making robots to help him, but all seven of them failed. For the eighth robot, he added some of his Empatis to him so that he wouldn't. The eighth robot, Hilo, was used by Razorwark to scare people out of cities.

Then, Razorwark tried making a ninth robot, Izzy, who was also powered by his Empatis. Izzy was used to make machines for Razorwark that would hurt people. But Izzy often defied Razorwark, making toys for Hilo and her. Razorwark tried to have her deactivated, but than Hilo escaped with Izzy to Dr. Bloodmoon's lab.


Razorwark was very kind and helpful, never failing to save somebody. But when he became angry, his personality changed completely, becoming mean and hungry for revenge, though this was because he cared so much. At the end, though, Razorwark was good again, sacrificing himself for the greater good.


Razorwark's body is bright red and resembles armor. His head has a mask covering his face, only showing glowing eyes. His face looks like a human; it has maroon , long, cordlike hair, and a pointy nose. His face is red in color.


  • Laser genesis: Razorwark can shoot red-orange lasers in battle.
  • Flight: Razorwark can fly.
  • Laser prism prison: Razorwark can shoot lasers and harden them into a prism-like prison.
  • Durability: Razorwark is very durable, surviving lasers and crash-landings.
  • Healing: Razorwark can heal himself. If part of him is blasted to pieces, he can make them connect again.
  • Extreme Strength: Razorwark is very strong.
  • Reflexes: Razorwark has good battle reflexes.