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Tamir is a side character in the Hilo series. He was an antagonist at first but then later shown as a protagonist. He was born and raised in Oshun.


Tamir is a warrior that had a huge army 500 years before the series took place. He first took his debut in Book 3 of hilo. He took over all of Oshun with his army. But one time he was invading a city and he found Empatis. He felt love in his heart and stopped. He freed his prisoners and buried his sword in the ground. No one knew why he changed besides Tamir and Dr.Bloodmoon.

He then went to Jannus and met Dr. Bloodmoon. He gave the Empatis to her and left. She ended up using it to create Razorwark.

Physical Appearance

Tamir is a big talking cat. He is muscular, with short, tan fur.