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Uncle Trout is a robot Hilo built so that it would seem like he had a guardian. He got locked up in All the Pieces Fit.


Uncle Trout has bushy gray "hair" and a mustache. He looks like an old man, and he wears a sweater vest. The bottom half of him is a tank tread.


He was built between book one and 2. He talks to D.J.s Mom through the window in book two. In book 5, he talks to Fake Hilo, and in book 6, the army locks him up, finding out he is a robot.


Uncle Trout is very peppy. He is only programmed to say these words:

"Hello there! How are you!"

"I'd love to! But I've got piles to do! And I'm getting ready to barbecue!"

"Yes! Maybe we can go for a swim!"


"And I'm getting ready to barbecue!"